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Technical details

Your instructions

Please call us to give us your instructions and repeat them in an email. Please use a subject that includes the word "instructions" in your email.

Your instructions should include, at the least:

  • Black (mono) or colour (please note that colour turnaround is approximately three times longer than mono)
  • Paper size (A4, A5, letter, legal or exec)
    (Please note that letter, legal and exec sizes are not held in stock; there will be a turnaround delay with these sizes)
  • Paper weight (80gsm is the usual, and is what we will use if you omit this)
  • Paper colour (we will assume white )
  • Single-sided or double-sided printing
  • Number of copies
  • Collated (1,2,3,...; 1,2,3,...; ...) or not (1,1,1, ...; 2,2,2,...; ...)

If you require peculiar paper, such as deckle, weave, linen, etc. please call us.

Please check that your application has output your file at the same paper size as you have specified for the printing/copying.

It is your responsibility to ensure that things like page numbers are in the right place for your choice of single-sided or double-sided printing. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the pagination is correct, if, for example, you want chapters always to begin on recto (right-hand side) when specifying double-sided printing.

Call us on 020 7498 3773 and email us at

File types

We can print from the following file types:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Powerpoint
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF files)
  • Adobe Framemaker

Most applications, today, are able to export their content in Acrobat format; so if your application isn't in the above list, Acrobat (PDF) will probably be the best way to get your file to us. Please open and check Acrobat (PDF) files before you send them to us; we can only print what we receive. You can download an Acrobat reader from Adobe for free.

Naming your files

Name your file with a meaningful and specific file name, e.g. AcmeBirdseedAnnualReport2005.pdf

Do not call it something like rep.pdf

Be careful not to change the filename extension (e.g. .pdf) when you rename files. Only change the first part, the part before the last dot.

Sending your files


The best way to get your file to us is via FTP (the internet's file transfer protocol). You can log on to our FTP server with a User id of anonymous and your full email address as password. Remember to use meaningful and specific file names.

The FTP server's IP address (it does not have a domain name) is:

If you have an FTP server and would prefer us to pick up the file from there, email or call us with the logon details.

Email attachment

We can accept your file as an email attachment, with prior notice. There are two problems with attachments:

  • We are suspicious of attachments because that's how most viruses arrive .
  • There is a size limit placed on attachments by our ISP. Files over a couple of megabytes might not get through.

If you let us know that an email with an attachment is on its way, however, we can be ready to ensure that it arrives and is opened.

Please remember to include your instructions either with your warning email or with your attachment email.

The email address is:

Please use a subject of "File to be printed".

Floppy disk

Send us your file on a 3.5 inch floppy disk. Please check that the disk is formatted for 1.44 MB before you copy your file to it. And please check that you at least can see the file in a folder listing in, say, Explorer.

Optical disc

You can send us your file on a CD or a DVD if, as is increasingly the case, your machine doesn't have a floppy-disk drive, and you are able to burn a CD or a DVD.

Flash memory

We can read a USB memory key or a Sony Memory Stick. We are unable to accept other kinds of flash memory.

Other possibilities

If all the above seems horribly daunting, give us a call (020 7498 3773) and ask for help with the technical details.

We can also offer typesetting and typographic services to help you get your document in shape. Again, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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