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Locksmith In Lambeth

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Fortress mortice lever lock replacement offer

If you have a Fortress mortice lever lock and are considering getting it replaced, then we wish to support you in doing so.

I'll be honest and declare a little bit of self-interest here. When a Fortress lock fails in the locked state, it's a very nasty job to get it open again. We would much rather attend to do a nice straightforward lock change with an subsitute brand than attend to force open a failed Fortress lock.

And both customers and colleagues are reporting a significantly higher failure rate with these locks than one would expect.

So we are offering the parts at greatly reduced prices. The labour charge will be the same as it would ordinarily be. A high-quality replacement (at the time of writing, it's a Union Strongbolt) deadlock will only be £2.99 and £3.99 for a sashlock. Extra keys in addition to the three keys supplied will be the usual price of £4.50 each.


ERA have changed the Fortress the new model is better. If you think you have a Fortree (see below) then if it has a laminated bolt, it is the newer one. (If it is the older one, you might still consider replacement for peace of mind.)

Identifying your mortice lock

A mortice lock is one where the lock case is inside the wood of the door. (You don't usually find mortice locks on uPVC doors.) In contrast, a lock you can see fixed to the back of the door is a rim lock.

Look at the faceplate of your mortice lock. This is the plate you see in the edge of the door where the bolts emerge from the lock case.

  • If the faceplate says "ERA 5 levers" then it might be a Fortress. If it has one rectangular bolt then it's a mortice deadlock; if it has two bolts, with a bevelled bolt in addition to the rectangular one then it's a mortice sashlock.
  • The final check is to look through the keyhole at the colour of the lock case. If it's red (rather than gold) then it's a Fortress.
  • If the bolt is laminated (sandwich construction) then it is the later, better Fortress.
  • If the rectangular bolt has four rollers set within it, then it is very likely a Fortress.



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