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Locksmith In Lambeth

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Local locksmith

07706 533488

If you are looking for an efficient, certified and local locksmith, I am based in SW4 in Old Town and cover the Clapham, Battersea, Balham, Nine Elms and Stockwell areas (SW4, SW8, SW9, SW11, SW12 and SW18).

There is no call out charge; there is, however, a minimum charge of the first hour.

For domestic and commercial lock work during regular working hours (weekdays 0800 to 1800) the charge is £60 per hour. For public holidays, evenings (1800 to 2300) and at weekends (0800 to 2300) the charge is £75 per hour. Nighttimes (2300 to 0800) are charged at £95 per hour, as are Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. Please telephone (or email) me for an estimate, which I can usually do over the phone.

For safe work, please call to get an estimate or to set up a quotation.

There are no set hours so don't hesitate to try calling us at any time. Telephone 07706 533488. (Don't forget to put that number into your mobile phone or you won't have it when you most need it.)

So if you live in Lambeth, why go through a call centre and pay more than you need. Call us and we're fifteen minutes away (unless already on a job).

Services include:

  • Fitting doors and window locks (to insurance standards including BS 3261, if required)
  • Fitting furniture, such as spyholes, chains, etc.
  • Replacing locks
  • Re-keying existing locks
  • Making new keys for existing locks
  • Repairing, opening and servicing key or combination safes
  • Improving security with London bars, Birmingham bars, lock guards, hinge bolts, etc.
  • Door opening (lock-outs)

Please note that we have no shop. This is a mobile locksmith service — we come to you.

Do make a note of the telephone number above (unless you have an internet cafe, open all hours, and just around the corner). You could also give your friends and neighbours a note of the number; then there's someone to ring or pop round to if you lock yourself out.

Security and Gardening If you're a potential customer of mine, then you live in town. If you don't have a front garden, a hedge can give you a sense of privacy and distance from the street. However, it also gives privacy to a thief.
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Decorating? Are you considering painting or repainting some doors?. Or, even more worrying, having someone else do some painting for you? Most locks and their associated fitings (faceplate, escutcheons, etc.) are not that ugly and don't need painting anyway. More importantly, however, they should not be painted over. Please get your decorator to use masking tape. I recently attending a job where a door had been painted by a real artist; it was beautifully laquered. However, they'd painted over the lock and the lock had to be changed. We cut the paint film as carefully as we could but …
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Improving your security It's definitely worth having a good lock, but is it worth going over the top? By all means replace or augment your rimlock night-latches with mortice deadlocks. Certainly upgrade any two- or three-lever lever locks to BS3621 five-lever locks, which will cost around £30 to £45 each. (And don't forget the back door is even more important than the nicely-lit and more-visible front door. And don't forget the accessible windows and the garden shed, either.)
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Replacement for Fortress mortice lever locks for £2.99 If you have a Fortess five-lever mortice deadlock on your door we will replace it for you with a parts charge of only £2.99. You get new keys (perhaps too many builders and cleaners have copies of the current keys), you get peace of mind that the lock is far less likely to fail (and we get to substitute a nice lock change job for a titanic struggle with a failed lock!)
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