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Charlotte's Web

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Your own professionally designed web site

Do you have a small business that could benefit from a presence in the internet's world-wide web? Do you run a club or organisation whose members would benefit from a web site? Or perhaps you write or have other resources you would like to make available to the world's internet surfers.

Prices start from as little as £150 (plus VAT); because we are quite happy to put together a simple web site of one or two pages that are mostly text, show you how to update your site if you need, and hand your site over to you.

If you would like something a little grander we will work with you to establish the look you would like; to scan or create any artwork, such as logos; to digitise or otherwise capture any text you wish to make available; and to create the pages.

Our preference is that we create the web site; we tell you how we did it; we show you how to look after it; and we hand it over to you.

We can offer a small number of support contracts, however, where for a fixed monthly sum we will maintain your site.

Search engine advice

We will give you basic advice on ensuring that you site is listed by the internet search engines, such as Google; and on ensuring that your ranking is good.

Why should you trust us?

We know all about the pleasures and pains of running small businesses. And we have been in the web site design business longer than just about anyone else. Our first web site went live before Microsoft created their Internet Explorer and just after the first graphical web browser (Netscape, now known as Mozilla/Firefox) came out.

(And our chief designer never tires of telling us that he once worked at CERN, in Geneva, in a room in the same corridor as the room where Tim Berners-Lee was inventing the world-wide web!)

Contact details

Please telephone on 020 7498 3773 or visit the contact page for more contact details.

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